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Planting With Purpose - What's Best For Spring Planting?

It's not hard to see why spring is a favorite season for so many people. With the warm up in weather it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your surroundings....and this year even more so! As spend more time in our own backyards we put together some of our favorite blooms to plant this spring.

Best Flowers to Plant in Spring:

  • Pansies – they love the cooler spring weather, best ideal time for them is when the winter weather breaks (late March, early April). Pansies are low maintenance and can survive past the first frost. Pansies like full to part sun and make sure to keep soil moist. They have a delicate appearance and they are sure to get anyone ready for springtime as Pansies come in lots of colors.

Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Tulips are a few of the most beautiful additions for anyone spring garden or flower beds!

  • Daffodils – for daffodils to grow in the spring you must plant them in the fall. The soil needs to be cooled off but still workable to plant. When planting keep in mind that they need a sunny location for spring time flowering. Daffodils will come back each year.

  • Tulips – these also need to be planted in the fall for spring time blossoms. Tulips need to be planted 8 inches deep, which is the deepest of all bulb plants, and planted in a sunny location. There is so many different colors and varieties of tulips that you can plant to enjoy every spring! I love the vibrant bright orange tulips!

  • Hyacinths – Just like daffodils and tulips these need to be planted in the fall. Hyacinths do best in full sun and they will usually bloom before tulips! These bulbs have a wonderful fragrance when they bloom. Plant these somewhere you could sit and enjoy the fragrance. A fun fact that you may not know about hyacinths is that they are in the lily family!

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