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Dark color stories are making a statement in wedding design and we couldn't be more excited! The dramatic chicness of incorporating black elements in your wedding (or heck, going all dark and moody on us and going full out!) brings a feeling to your reception style that hard to match. While not for everyone, when a couple chooses this design concept we jump at the chance to bring this vision to life. Much like any design, pulling the concept through each and every detail is essential to doing this right. Here are a few ways to "Embrace The Color Black"...

1. Invitations

Set the expectation early on by incorporating the black color story in your invitation design. We love this option below from rougeandrouge, I mean that wax seal....wow..., and without a doubt when this is delivered to your guests they will quickly be excited about what is to come in the future.

2. Your Dress

Yes, this is a bold choice from weddingforward but, we love it! Imagine walking down a black carpeted aisle in this beauty! A statement for sure.

3. Signage

We mention signage/paperie frequently, because it matters! This gorgeous welcome sign from nouba is a perfect example of how these elements can cause a big impact on the overall design of your big day.

4. Linen

Linen is probably one of the top three areas we focus on with our brides when we are talking design. Why? Because it is a game changer. When we incorporate a black color story, we often use fully saturated highly textured black linens to anchor the table designs. Texture is king in this case and fully transforms your reception.

5. Place Settings

Not sure you can go full out with this design concept? No problem. Adding in elements of black throughout is just as great. A black Charger plate is a great visual impact on your guest tables that is quickly realized as a bold design choice and one that dips your toe in this beautiful design water.

6. Food & Beverage

What you are serving guests should be considered when talking through a full design concept. Does every element of your wedding speak to the vision you have in your head of what this day will look like? Food and beverage hold serious power in the overall experience your guests will have. Why not include your color story here as well?

7. Let Them Eat Cake!

The first thing people say when they see a black cake is...it will turn everyone's mouth black. Maybe it will. Maybe that's okay. This cake speaks for itself. Taking a risk here and working with a pro team that can help you around that objection is vital when considering making a decision to include a masterpiece like this one because we believe....honey...it's worth it.

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