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Embracing Nature! Incorporating natural elements in your event design provides a fabulous tone and texture that truly cannot be found anywhere else. And bonus tip...natural design does not have to mean your event takes on a rustic vibe. We are excited to share 5 great ways to incorporate natural pieces (with our without it being rustic)!

1. Unique tableware.

We couldn't love these plates more! The natural wood blended with the modern marble works well to deliver both styles to your table design. Using something similar as a Charger Plate, a bread and butter plate, or even as a surprise plating detail for one of your courses is a great added design element your guests will surely notice.

2. Purposeful design.

Menu Cards, escort cards, place cards, signage...these are a necessary components of a wedding. We've see hundreds of great ways to pull design in to these functional pieces, including one of our favorite ways to add a natural element. Using leaves in these areas is an especially powerful way to carry a design through to even the smallest details.

3. Tossed

Speaking of leaves, we loved this option for a tradition we don't see as often anymore. Tossing rice (ouch!), petals, confetti, you name it a bride is not as commonly done by today's more mordern and eco-thoughtful brides; however; these adorable custom packets of leaves are a great way to incorporate something "old", stylish, and that is environmentally aware.

4. Aisle treatment.

This is certainly more on the rustic spectrum of design and we absolutely love the change from a more common rose petal aisle treatment to this gorgeous texture overload. The moss and wood combination is a dream together and fully pulls a natural design concept in to your ceremony space.

5. Wardrobe Accents

Accessories play a large role in the overall "look" of your bridal photos and we have found the more small details that can be connected throughout your wedding (any event really) the more powerful of an impact it can have. These hair accent pieces are a beautiful way to add a natural yet subtle element to your wardrobe.

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