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Modern design touches: bringing your wedding out of the 90's.

Hello 2018! We are so very anxious to see what the beautiful weddings we have the pleasure of helping to create will bring us this year. Will blush and gold still reign the color selections or will the Pantone color of the year; Violet for those who haven't heard the exciting news; take over? One thing we know for sure, the tired old vases and design styles born in the late 90's and early 2000's that your local florist has held on to need to be retired. Classic doesn't need to equal out of date. Check out some modern vs out of date examples below and be inspired to seek out a modern option for your wedding!

Timeless color palette for an elegant wedding ceremony. The use of pillars is a common choice for alter or aisle accents; however;

this design is at least 15 years past it's prime.

These designs are absolutely classic; however; they bring a very stale design style to your wedding simply with the use of vases and accent pieces that were purchased and kept in inventory rather than upgrading.

Changes in the vessels used completely transforms the design to a modernized version of the classic elegance that monochromatic style brings to a wedding. Selection in the vases and accents is important to the transformation of your design from out of date to exceptional.

Resin, Glass, and Metal are all taking center stage to highlight gorgeous floral creations. Gone are the days of plastic pillars, or perhaps we should say the days should be gone!

It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words in the comparison of a modern florist's work versus a florist who has gotten stuck in the same stale inventory. Ensuring your designer has a wide variety of inventory is one key to success; however; finding a designer who updates inventory often and stays ahead of the trends not behind the times is essential to planning a wedding in 2018.

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