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Drama isn't always a bad thing...at least not in event design.

Drama. Often times you hear people wanting to rid their lives of unneeded drama and while we can't argue against that concept, we will say that adding drama to to your event design is almost always a good idea.

More often than not one of the goals our clients have is leaving their guests with lasting memories of their events whether it is their wedding day, a milestone birthday or anniversary, or a corporate celebration. Creating that memorable moment is likely best done with a dose or two of drama. Here are a few of our favorite ways of adding some drama to the life of your event:

Light It Up:

Lighting is one of the best sources for adding dimension, depth, and drama to any event design. It's capability of transforming a space into a completely different style is unmatched. A textured gobo, wash lighting, and customized designs are all great ways of introducing lighting to your event.

Character Artistry:

Guests absolutely love interaction and there is no better way to deliver that experience than through character artistry. The use of fully costumed waiters, living statues, and roaming actors are all excellent ways to introduce this concept to your event. While this is largely found in the corporate event world it is an excellent way to carry a theme. Including a touch of Marie Antoinette in your wedding design style? Why not have fully costumed waiters serving cake as your guests dance the night way at your reception? Trust us...your guests will be talking about your wedding for months to come!

Create A Statement:

We are all about an entrance! Creating an unforgettable welcome for your guests is a great way to add a little drama to your guests memories. A statement design piece is an excellent way to pull this off. An over-sized floral piece, a custom fabricated design element, or a specialty drink station are all unique ways of creating a wow factor for your guests.

There are a plethora of great ways to add a little drama to your events creating a memorable experience for your guests and ensuring your event stands out from the rest. Working with a professional design team allows you the freedom of creativity. What can we dream up for your next event?!

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